*1986 in Sofia, People's Republic of Bulgaria to Armenian family. 1990 emigration to Berlin, Germany.

Education 2013 – 2020 at the art academies in The Hague (NL), Weimar and Leipzig (DE). Diplom (M.f.A.) in Media Art and Photography in 2020 with the professors Clemens v. Wedemeyer and Tina Bara at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. 2017, Studienpreis of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

2018, DAAD scholarship 'Go East'. 2019, winner of the competition Art in the Underground by the nGbK Berlin. Recent exhibition participations include Gegenwarten/Presences in Chemnitz, The Viral City at Goethe Institut Montréal and Galerie Bernau.

In 2020, Beatrice was invited to participate in the closed, anonymous competition Kunst im Stadtraum - Karl Marx Allee about art in the public space by the Berlin Senate, where her site-specific project International Bun was shortlisted as second of two runner-ups.

Screenings nationally und internationallly e.g. in 2018 at Kasseler Dokfest and interfilm Berlin, and 2019 at LUFF.

Ausfuehrlicher CV hier / Detailed CV here.

Current artistic statement
I am an artist-researcher and use methods from social sciences and humanities, like literature and archival research as well as doing interviews with individuals, to support my artistic research. In my artistic practice, I use handcraft, photography, film, text, object and spatial installation to present my findings. Art in the public space and working in collective is also part of my practice.

As a teenager I was an activist for children's rights and this influenced my artistic woks. You could say that exemplarily, I am interested in the charged relationship between kebab (in German: 'Döner') and the Ore Mountains christmas pyramid (in German: Erzgebirgische Weihnachtspyramide).
Injustice, power relationships and authoritarian structures appear in my works. My family biography that was touched by different political events between Eurasia and Western Europe helps me to formulate my message which is: investigate your own life in the context of socio-poltical and family networks to understand yourself and your place in the world better.

Life as a case to be examined - that is probably why I use methods in my multi-disciplinary practice that look like criminological and archaeological methods.
Some of my inspiration also comes from experiencing growing up 'Other' in the 90s in the former East-Berlin.

An important challenge and task as an artist and researcher is to fully comprehend, and permeate the borders between reality, non-fiction and fiction.

Currently, I work on an experimental short film called FICTION about the fictional depictions of abnegated Genocides in historic films; a novel; and an investigative audio feature about the writer Ingeborg Day who wrote both the books 9 1/2 Weeks and Ghost Waltz about her Austrian father, an early supporter of Nazism.


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