Born in Sofia, People’s Republic of Bulgaria to Armenian family. 1990 emigration to Berlin, Germany.
Education 2013 – 2020 at the art academies in The Hague (NL), Weimar and Leipzig (DE). Diplom (M.f.A.) in Media Art and Photography in 2020 with the professors Clemens v. Wedemeyer and Tina Bara at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig.

2017, Studienpreis of the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. 2018, DAAD scholarship ‘Go East’. 2019, winner of the competition Art in the Underground by the nGbK Berlin. In 2021, awarded Recherchestipendium Bildende Kunst des Berliner Kultursenats / Research fellowship Fine Arts by the Berlin Cultural Senate.

Exhbition participations include Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Goethe Institut Montréal, nGbK Berlin, Museum der bildenden Kuenste Leipzig, Galerie Bernau, Copenhagen Photo Festival, Noorderlicht International Photo Festival. My site-specific project International Bun was shortlisted in 2020 in the (upon invitiation) competition about art in urban space Kunst im Stadtraum 'Karl Marx Allee'. Jury membership in Kunst-am-Bau competition “Zillehaus”. Screenings nationally und internationallly e.g. in 2018 at Kasseler Dokfest and interfilm Berlin, and 2019 at LUFF.
Working experience in the journalistic field and contexts surrounding non-governmental organizations.
Since 2022 founding and curatorial direction of an research residency in the Erzgebirge / Ore Mountains, with Sandy Becker, supported by Neue unentd_ckte Narrative, ASA-FF e.V.

In my work as a multi-disciplinary artist, my intent is to examine facts, situations, natures, cultures and traditions, historic events, and their fields of tensions by extracting their individual elements from their context, and scaling them in new new, playful circumstances.

My work is informed of something that could be called a critical one-world perspective, and I am interested in exploring whether a migrant ethnic identity exists. I also have been part of art critic collectives that engage with artists at eye level, and in the future want to help establish awareness in Germany regarding access and accommodations regardless of (dis)ability status of an individual artist.

I use archival and literature research, interviews, audio art, photography, film, text, object, performance and spatial installation to present my findings. Art in the public space is also part of my practice.

As a teenager I was an activist for children’s rights and this influenced my art. You could say that exemplarily, I am interested in the charged relationship between kebab (in German: ‘Döner’) and the Ore Mountains christmas pyramid (in German: Erzgebirgische Weihnachtspyramide). Injustice, power relationships and authoritarian structures appear in my works. My family biography that was touched by different political events between West Asia, the Balkans, Eurasia and Europe helps me to formulate my message which is: investigate your own life in the context of socio-political and family networks to understand yourself and your place in the world better.
In my case I grew up with a false identity, until at age 23 I found out that my father isn’t former communist West German poet Peter Schütt whom I had never met, and whose name I carry, but a Bulgarian scientist also of the name of Peter. Life as a case to be examined - that is probably why I use methods in my multi-disciplinary practice that look like criminologist and archaeological methods.

I am engaging with and researching cultural rites, traditions and customs from different parts of the world, the analogue, digital, ephemeral, spiritual, materialistic and pop culture world, and bring them into new relations to each other. I want to ultimately pinpoint the meeting points of fact and fiction in our cultures and come to an understanding on why human beings behave the way they do.
My inspiration and need to create comes from holding onto the experience of being a child, and also growing up ‘Other’ in the 90s in the former East-Berlin.

As someone with a twice over migrant history from an oriental-orthodox ethnic minority that was persecuted and ended up in a socialist state (where religion was more or less suppressed) because of a genocide that still hasn’t been recognized, I am in Germany, one of the countries that perpetrated said genocide, and at least has acknowledged this recently. Growing up, I wasn’t aware of any of these modes of existence, and became hyper-conscious of them during my artistic education.


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