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Motivational Speech Archive</p>

Motivational Speech Archive on tumblr and Soundcloud

I started the Motivational Speech Archive in January 2016, where I am collecting fictional motivational speeches that I have extracted from movies and TV shows. I am in the process of editing them in such a way, that they speak to the listener directly without interruptions from other characters or specifically mentioning the vocation or activity they originally referred to. I am collecting them on various social media platforms where they can be shared, listened to and used by others.

I want to know, has the meaning of these speeches shifted after they have been ripped from their place in a narrative, a storyline? Cinema can hold such great power over its viewers, and sometimes its stories seep over into real life. What do these motivational speeches feel like in their abundance, what do they become? Are they suspended? Are they, at their core, a positive influence or do they become oppressive in their simplicity?

Exhibition history
2017 Supported by Titanik Gallery during artist residency. Turku, FI Publication
2017 Voice Of Doxa. Zona Dynamic/Glogau Air. Berlin, DE G

2017 Titanik 2017. Annual exhibition catalogue Titanik Gallery. Turku, FI

.archive was used to create soundscape in Promises and Premises