Sachstandsdokumentation (Nr. 0617 - 0918) / Int. title: Documentation Report (No. 0617 - 0918)

Jury statements
Arquiteturas Film Festival, 2021, Lisbon, Portugal: “State surveillance is a very pertinent topic and this film addresses it as an act of self-expression. A cinematic experience where the body becomes a device to register the space around it. Atmospheric, beautiful and timeless images and colors and the absence of sound contribute to the film’s magic.”

Peter Haueis, The Viral City, Goethe Institut Montréal: “Documentation, Observation, Surveillance. Monitoring public spaces, buildings, people. Beatrice Moumdjian visits empty urban spaces where cameras are looking into the void that is left behind the people that are in lockdown. What are they looking at, when everybody is at home?”